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Our CFO Services focus on achieving the fundamental elements of our architecture for financial success:

  • margin management,
  • capital preservation, and
  • attaining critical mass (long-term survivability).

Our core competency is:

  • Business Plans, Projections and Forecasts - Just as blueprints represent plans that define construction project objectives, a business plan defines the process of determining the company’s blueprint for the future. The written business plan is needed to memorialize the process, the decisions made and the targets and objectives that are established. It’s principal value is as a medium of communication with members of management, employees, bankers, and in some circumstances, even customers. Our value to you is to guide you through this process and facilitate the eventual outcome as well as assist in the preparation of the written document.
  • Cash Conversion Cycle Management - The most critical factor in the success of small and medium sized companies is cash flow … understanding what it is and where it is going to come from. We can assist you in evaluating all the aspects of your cash conversion cycle. Most often, what you do, or don’t do, at the beginning of the cycle will have an impact on your success at the end of the cycle. We also have templates and processes that will give you cash availability on a daily basis. We can either train your personnel in their use, or do them for you ourselves.
  • Operations Analysis and Reviews - The most critical element of operations analysis is an understanding of breakeven revenue levels and the elements that impact it. Breakeven analysis is the essence of margin management, which in turn is a key element in long-term success. Our expertise is the practical application of the relevant principles to your business and the development of reporting and monitoring systems that allow for constant visibility on the part of management.
  • Critical Success Indicators - In the transition from planning to implementation, there is a continuous translation from broad objectives to specific plans and actions. Performance standards cannot be established for every activity, so choices must be made about those key activities that are to be monitored. Determining what standards are to be set is predicated upon those activities that are the key drivers to the achievement and success of the business. We are able to assist you in defining the appropriate CSI’s for your business and develop the reporting structures that will monitor these activities.
  • Budgets and Variance Reporting - Once a business plan has been prepared, the next logical step is to monitor actual results against the plan. This is accomplished by establishing budgets on an account by account basis. The accounting system can compare actual results to the budget and management can see meaningful trends and results. This is not a complicated process. We have developed budgeting templates and processes that are relatively easy to use in small to medium sized businesses.
  • Capital Needs Assessments and Requirements - Being under capitalized can severely hamper the growth capability and financial success of a business. Our business analysis models and analysis techniques identify capital needs. We can then assist you in developing a plan for capital acquisition and/or preservation. We have successfully assisted clients in negotiating with banks and other lenders for loans and capital investment. We can assist you as well.


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