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Our Accounting Services focus on:

  • accuracy and timely communication,
  • management reporting that gives relevant information for decision making, and
  • systems, procedures and processes that are efficient and cost effective.

Our core competency is:

  • General Accounting - Accounting is our background and experience for over 35 years in a broad range of industries and business. We have extensive expertise with Quickbooks software, as well as other accounting software systems. The strength of Quickbooks is its great flexibility and adaptability …its weakness is its flexibility and adaptability. The key to successfully using this capability is the manner in which it is organized and certain other procedures are defined and adhered to. Our experience is that businesses who find that Quickbooks is not working for them as they would like, have not recognized this fundamental requirement. We have had a lot of experience remedying this problem.

We offer an broad range of services ranging from consulting with your staff to full outsourcing of the accounting function and virtually anything in between. The extent of these services depends upon your individual need and the resources and skills available in your business. Generally, our fees are less than the cost of a full time employee performing the same function.

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting - Fundamentally, accounting systems are designed to accumulate accounting data such that financial statements can be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. While this is important for a variety of reasons, they do no always give management the kind of information that is needed for timely decision making. We have extensive experience in defining the organization, structure and process definitions that will allow Quickbooks, as well as other software packages, to provide this type of reporting. We assist you in setting up these procedures and train your personnel in their use, or do it for you.
  • Payroll Processing and Payroll Tax Reporting - Payroll processing is the most common financial function to outsource. It is easy to do and generally is very cost effective. We have been processing payroll, preparing and filing payroll tax returns for several years. Our fees are considerably lower than the national payroll processing firms and customer service is much more personalized. Additionally, we can assist with related activities, such as the development of policies and procedures, preparation of employee handbooks, in certain situations, timekeeping, etc.
  • Federal and State Income Taxes - Every business must deal with income taxes. They impact planning, cash flow and business/legal compliance. We have an excellent general understanding of income taxes as they affect business decisions. But when it comes to the technical side of the income taxes and the actual preparation and filing of income tax returns, we rely on our “Tax Partner,” a CPA tax professional with whom we have a business alliance arrangement. Notwithstanding this arrangement, we take full responsibility for the service you receive and the fees charged.
  • IRS and State Tax Commission Problem Resolution - The successful resolution of issues relating to delinquent and unpaid taxes are rooted more in cash flow, margin management and business viability issues than in the technical aspects of income tax law. Negotiating deferred payment arrangements with these agencies is much like negotiating with a lender for a loan … it is fundamentally a credit granting decision. We are able to assist you understand what you will need to commit to and the financial presentation (see of CFO Services) that will need to be made to the agent. With an appropriate power of attorney, we can then represent you in facilitating a successful resolution. You will always have final approval and will execute all documents evidencing the arrangement.


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