Our Business :

We are your CFO FOR HIRE !!!

John Anderson, founder and owner of E-credit, has over 35 years as a CPA, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Financial Consultant and Owner/Operator of a small business. Few small to medium sized companies can afford to hire, nor do they need the skills and experience we represent on a full time basis. Yet, they do need access to such skills and experience and we make them available as needed.

Another key issue for the small to medium sized business owner is cost. We make our services affordable … it is as simple as that. If the cost benefit ratio doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us. Except in the most unusual circumstances, we price on a fixed fee basis so you know exactly what your costs will be, in advance.

We have served clients from the Wasatch front, to northern California and as far away as Sydney Australia. Because of computer systems technology and Internet access, we are able to serve clients in these diverse geographical areas as easily as those in “our own back yard.”

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