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“Good enough, never is.” Upgrading yours and your employees job performance skills is always a challenge... yet it is critical to your success.

Our tutorials and training focus on two areas.

Quickbooks: We have years of experience using Quickbooks accounting software in a wide variety of circumstances. The strength of Quickbooks is its flexibility and adaptability … its weakness is its flexibility and flexibility. The key to successfully using this capability is the manner in which it is organized and certain other procedures are defined and adhered to. Much of the Quickbooks training that is available is very fundamental and is directed at bookkeeping processes and procedures.

Our training and tutorials focus on two areas:

  • organizing the database so that it will provide meaningful information to the management decision making process, and
  • organizing the accounting data such that financial reporting is done in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles … this is much more than simple bookkeeping.

Business Plans and Cash Flow Conversion Cycle : Much of the work we have performed in these areas has resulted in the development of templates, outlines, checklists, etc. that facilitate the work process. We use these tools as a basis for

training and teaching client personal how to perform them. We have training modules in the following areas:

  • Business plans, forecasts and projections,
  • Cash flow planning and management,
  • Essentials of credit policy development, and
  • Margin management.

Our prices are realistic and affordable and our course content is comprehensive. Please Contact Us for a course syllabus and specific pricing.

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