Ask Yourself?

The objective of our services and programs is to help you achieve one or more of the following objectives (without factoring or other restrictive financing techniques) :

  • Improved cash flow – Improved asset quality
  • Reduced operating costs – Improved return on investment

We do this through the following services:

  • Billing Services – Prompt, accurate and complete information is the lynch- pin of your cash flow cycle. Most accounts payable departments begin counting the number of days to the payment due date from the day they receive the invoice. If there is a delay in getting invoices to customers, there will generally be a corresponding delay in receiving payment. If the information contained on the invoice with respect to purchase order information, payment terms, etc. is incomplete or inaccurate, that may also delay payment.

    Our billing service is predicated on prompt execution, usually your invoice will be in the mail within two days after the purchase is made or the service completed. We make sure the pertinent data is complete and accurate and our costs are generally less than you would pay an employee to perform the same function.
  • Credit Policy Development – Billing a customer for products purchased or services rendered is in fact a credit granting function and involves taking credit risk. This function should be governed by a policy which is consistent with marketing and sales policies, competitive realities and overall operating objectives. It deals how much credit risk is prudent for your business. We assist you in sorting through the various issues and in preparing a policy statement so that all members of the management team can be aware of your company’s goals, objectives and limitations.
  • Asset Quality Improvement – High quality accounts receivable is much more than a list of customers and the amounts they owe, the total of which agrees with a control account in the general ledger. There are specific measures used to determine quality. Such measures are used by lenders when considering an asset based lending arrangement. They are also important in determining net realizable value of the assets when auditors and others are evaluating your statement of financial condition. We assist you in developing and implementing these measures and identifying management practices that will safeguard these assets.
  • Online Credit Applications – Obtaining credit applications from customers is a credit policy issue. The nature and extent of the information requested is an asset quality issue. Given today’s technology, getting the information is relatively quick and easy. We have developed a functional web site design that obtains comprehensive customer information faster and more accurately than traditional credit applications. We can assist you in appending such a capability to your web site.
  • Financial and Risk Evaluation – Information obtained from the credit application may indicate the need for additional assessment and evaluation. In these circumstances, we are able to assist you in identifying what the nature of the information should be. Generally this will be financial statements and other supplementary data which we subject to financial analysis and scoring techniques to evaluate credit worthiness and risk. What we are looking for is not a reason to reject the customer, but a way to prudently do business with a customer that represents a credit risk that needs to be closely monitored and managed.


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